Premium Features

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While the free version of RadarNow! is extremely useful and generally sufficient for the vast majority of users, some may opt to consider upgrading to premium ($5.99 for the “lifetime” of RadarNow!) to allow access to the following additional features.

  • No ads. Ads are suppressed for premium users.
  • Automatically updates radar loop whenever a new image is available
  • Driver mode.
    When you activate Radar Now! Driver, your phone or tablet becomes a continuously updating, tracking radar display similar to what aircraft have on their instrument panel. Radar Now! Driver stays awake, moving the map with you as you travel around the country. Your location icon, normally blue  will turn red when “Driver mode” is active.
  • Range Rings
    Displays range rings around your location so you can get an idea of how far away storms are and how fast they are moving.Configuration options

    • Find range rings configuration in the options (menu-options) screen.
    • Show range rings – Switches range rings on and off
    • Range rings size – Choose between rings at 25, 50 and 75 miles (constant
      values) and 25, 50 and 100 miles (Twice the distance).
    • Range rings color – Select the color for the rings (default is black).
  • Multiple “Local View” Radar Products
    Note: These products are only available when in “local” mode.

    • Short Range Radar”N0R”
      Base Short Range Reflectivity is the “default” (free) radar display.Base reflectivity only shows reflected energy at a single elevation scan of the radar. The base reflectivity image is from the lowest “tilt” angle (0.5 deg.). This means the radar’s antenna is tilted 0.5 degrees above the horizon.
    • Long Range Radar”N0Z”
      Base Long Range Reflectivity displays a larger area than the default short range radar for a better view of the “big picture” in the area. Long range radar has twice the range of short range radar but one-fourth the resolution.
    • Composite Short Range Reflectivity radar “NCR”
      Composite reflectivity displays the highest reflectivity of ALL elevations scans. When compared with Base Reflectivity, the Composite Reflectivity can reveal important storm structure features and intensity trends of storms.
    • Velocity: Storm Relative “N0S”
      This display is of radial velocity of the wind relative to the storm’s motion. The result is a picture of the wind as if the storms were stationary. This often unmasks storms that rotate (supercells) which can be a precursor to the formation of tornadoes. Green colors indicate wind moving toward the radar with red colors indicating wind moving away from the radar.
    • Velocity – Base”N0V”
      This display of radial velocity represents the overall wind field. Green colors indicate wind moving toward the radar with red colors indicating wind moving away from the radar.
  • Select an area to display by various methods:
    • Select a station by Zip Code
    • Favorites
    • Distance to your current location
    • Radar station city name
    • Radar station state and city
    • Radar station letter code
  • Favorites
    Save and use locations of interest.

Premium status controlled using your Google account (Gmail address). When you become premium, any other Android device, including new ones, that use the same Google account will also go into premium mode. For your security, Google handles and supports your premium access through Google Play.

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play