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RadarNow! offers great free features. The most important is that RadarNow! shows the most up to date NOAA WSR-88D Nexrad imagery available. RadarNow! draws imagery directly from the radar station and displays it on your device within seconds of it being released.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the free features.

  • Automatically detect your location and display it on a map.
  • Display looping NOAA WSR-88D NEXRAD radar images.
  • Zoom and pan in “composite” mode around the entire continental US.
  • Display temperatures on the map.
  • Zoom and pan the map.
  • Display county/state boundaries
  • Tap on the screen to hide or reveal the map controls.
  • No user input required to display the radar loop – just start and go!
  • Use in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Five zoom levels.
  • Up to ten radar images in the loop (about an hour to an hour and a half of radar).
  • Clutter suppression can be “toggled” by selecting the clutter icon (bottom-left).
  • Control the speed of the loop, pause or go backwards.
  • Opacity sliders for the maps and radar imagery.
  • Show WSR-88D stations on the map.
  • Current conditions available at the touch of a button.
  • Hourly forecasts for the next two days
  • If your location can’t be determined, enter a Zip Code.
  • Option to skip wait for current location at startup.

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play

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