Switching Between Radar Modes in RadarNow!

RadarNow! uses two sources for radar imagery. The composite view, or the overall view that can be zoomed out to show the entire country, is constructed by stitching together the imagery from each individual radar station. These individual stations operate independently and take their radar snapshots depending on local conditions. The rate at which the […]

The RadarNow! Advantage

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play When users first start out using RadarNow!, they sometimes can be disappointed in the way we depict radar imagery. Zoomed out, RadarNow! appears like many radar apps. An overall view showing from edge to edge of the screen with an animated, looping view. This is referred to as […]

The History of RadarNow!

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play As luck would have it, our company had just finished a large project in the mapping world when smart phones just came out. The iPhone was new and there were no real competitors. We decided it would be a good idea to explore this new world and started […]

RadarNow! Permissions Explained

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play We’ve been asked many times over the years exactly what each permission is used for. We love to explain exactly what they do and why they are necessary. No permission asked for in RadarNow! is unnecessary. In-app purchases The premium upgrade (currently $5.99 for a lifetime upgrade) is […]

More on our Privacy Policy

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play Many apps collect all sorts of data for reasons that seem to be beyond the scope of the application. There are many reasons why but the usual is that the developer is overreaching or perhaps they are selling the data to another service. We are constantly bombarded by […]

What do the Radar Colors Mean?

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play The colors are the different echo intensities (reflectivity) measured in dBZ (decibels of Z) during each elevation scan. “Reflectivity” is the amount of transmitted power returned to the radar receiver. Reflectivity (designated by the letter Z) covers a wide range of signals (from very weak to very strong). […]

Why Doesn’t RadarNow! Show Snow?

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play RadarNow! actually does show snow. It just doesn’t look the same as in other apps. Snow is just precipitation, so snow shows up in RadarNow! like any precipitation. We get our radar imagery directly from NOAA’s radar stations. The differentiation between precipitation types is an artificial enhancement to […]

Latency of Radar Images

Generally, you should find that the timestamp on the latest image and the actual time, the “latency,” should be within a range from four to thirty minutes or more depending on the station and the mode (composite and local) you’re looking at. For local mode, where the radar imagery from a single radar station is […]

Resolution of Radar Imagery

Download RadarNow! for Android on Google Play Many people have asked about the “blurriness” or “pixelation” of the radar imagery RadarNow!® presents in local station mode. They usually mention how other apps display sharp and crisp images with house-level resolution. Why don’t I see this on RadarNow!®? For those of you who wonder, here’s a primer […]